1. January 2019: Title Application

    Important note:

    1. There are 3 groups of sections:

    a. Food/Bio/Environment group

    b. Process/Polymer group

    c. Process only group

    2. FYP degree students are allowed to choose title based on their group of sections ONLY.

    3. FYP Diploma: You are allowed to choose title based on your specialisation.

  2. January 2019: Title Key-In By Supervisor

    Important Notes

    1. Key-in period week 8-12

    FYP 1

    1. Food-Bio-Environment = 3 titles

    2. Process-Polymer = 4 titles

    3. Please add in the requirement:

    a. “For Food-Bio-Environment student ONLY” or

    b. "For Process-Polymer student ONLY” or

    c. "For Process student ONLY"*Apply to selected TF staff

    FYP Diploma

    1. Key-in 1 title ONLY

    2. Please add in the requirement e.g. “ For Food Student" (*NO CROSS SECTION FOR DIPLOMA STUDENT)

    Thank you for your cooperation!

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