Technical Foundation

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The  Technical  Foundation  Section  of  UniKL MICET   comprises  of four  units  which equip  the  students with  solid  foundation  subjects.  The  four  units  are  Chemistry  unit, Mathematics  unit, Computing  Unit  and  basic Engineering  unit. The  objective of  these  units is  to produce  a well-balanced  graduate with knowledgeable  basic  subject, skilful  in laboratory activities  and  noble  in  executing  of  any  given  responsibility. Nevertheless, this  section also  has  the  role  of  assisting the  students  in  academic performance matters.

Beside  academic  matters, all units  are  involved  in  planning, implementing  and  procedures  to  create  a  effective, efficient  and  conducive  environment  for  the  students  to  seek  knowledge.
Course  Syllabus


Technical  Mathematics  1
Technical  Mathematics  2
Technical  Mathematics  3
Electrical  Technology
Engineering  Graphic
General  Chemistry
Analytical  Chemistry
Organic  Chemistry



Mathematics  1
Mathematics  2
Engineering  Statistic
Fundamental  of  Electrical  and  Electronic
Engineering  Graphic
Principles  of  Programming
Physical  Chemistry
Analytical & Organic  Chemistry


Other  courses (various  department)

No. Course Department
1. Quality  Control & Quality  Assurance (Diploma) Process
2. Numerical  Methods  in  Chemical  Engineering (Degree) Process
3. QA & QC  in  Chemical  Engineering (Degree) Bioprocess
4. Physics (Degree) Process
5. Mathematics  for Engineers 1 (Degree) Biosystem
6. Mathematics  for  Engineers  2 (Degree) ICOLE
7. Statistics  for  Engineers  (Degree) ICOLE
8. Computer  Programming  for  Engineers (Degree) ICOLE