Lab Facilities

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Section of Polymer & Environment Engineering Technology Section
Air Pollution Control Laboratory
Water and Waste water Treatment Laboratory
Wastewater Treatment Pilot Plant
Injection Molding Laboratory
Composite Laboratory
Rubber and Latex Laboratory


a GCMS- gas chromotography mass spectrometer.jpgAir Pollution Control Lab Environment.JPGAtomic Absorption Spectrometer.jpgPilot Plant (veolia pilot water treatment plant).JPGPSA- Malvern particle size analyzer.jpgreverse osmosis plant.JPGSound level meter.jpgstage anaerobic digester for biogas production.JPGTOC - total organic carbon analyzer.jpg

blow molding machine1.JPGdiferential scanning calorimeter.JPGinjection moulding machine 2.JPGlloyd instruments.JPGmooney viscometer.JPGsingle screw extruder machine.JPGthermo haake polylab system.JPGvacuum forming machine.JPG