Frozen Pratha & Spring Roll

Sistem Roti Canai/Pratha & Popia Line. Capacity : 5000 – 10000 pcs /day

Planned activities and products to be developed/manufactured - Frozen paratha, Chappati , SprinG Roll with filling, Samosa, Popia Skin and Machine Handling

List of Machine Available

 No. Machine Brand Model
01 Spiral Mixer Supreme Effedue M160
02 Vertical Mixer Spar Mixer SP 30 Hi Series/SP30 HA
03 Dough Compacting Machine Daub Robapress
04 Dough Sheeter Tekno SMART 6516
05 Make-up Line Canol Canol Pastry Make-up Line
06 Depositor Canol Canol Depositor MOD V/4F
07 Packaging Machine Spafil DBF 1100 H
08 Working Tables, Trays and Related Equipment Global Knife Stainless Steel (6 unit)
Chopping Board (6 units)
09 Peeling Machine Flott ZS 10
10 Vegetable Cutting Machine Nilma RG-100
11 Industrial Blender Nilma Speed Cutter DS-2
12 Meat Cutter Dyna Dyna Mini Table Top
13 Electric Cooker with Stirrer Nilma Salsamat 80E
14 Rack Oven Europa Galileo 108E
15 Racks for Rack Oven Global Global Racks for Rack Oven
16 Trays Global Global Trays
17 Continuous Fryer Nilma Nilma Frymatic
18 Working Tables, Trays and Related Equipment Korea Trays (100 units)
Taiwan Working Table (4 units)
19 Blast Freezer Hengel GS 15
20 Retarded Proofer Bongard BFC 2 Door