Chilled Culinary Paste

Chilled Culinary Paste Line. Capacity : 800 – 1000 Kg/day

Planned activities and products to be developed/manufactured - Spices Paste, Cooking Class International Taste, Ice and Fruit Curving Class & Machine handling. 

List of Machine Available

No Machine Brand Model
01 Washer Nilma Atir I Tilting
02 Slicer Emura ECA-202
03 Peeling Machine Flott ZS-10
04 Grinding Machine Masuko MKZA 10-20J
05 Electrically Heater Cooking Vessel PVM EC 150L
06 Volumetric Filler Hunter 305
07 Tie Clipper Tipper Tie Z406
08 Cooling Vessels Nilma Fastecold 120
09 Packaging Machine Spafil DBF 1100
10 Sorting Table Provision ST-18
11 Working Tables, Trays, and Related Equipment PVM Knife Stainless Steel (6 units)
Chopping Board (6 units)
Working Table (4 units)
Trolleys (4 units)
Pneumatic Lifting Device (1 unit)