Biscuit & Dough

Biscuits production line. Capacity : 80 – 100 KG biscuit /day.

Planned activities and products to be developed/manufactured - Assorted biscuits, Peanut biscut & machine handling.

List of Machine Available

No Machine Brand Model
01 Jacketed Horizontal Mixer Global GL 5020 PKL
02 Vertical Mixer Global GL 90 L
03 Rotary Moulded Cookie Machine Global GL 10 VS
04 Deposited Cookie Machine Mono Omega Plus 400
05 Racks Oven Europa Galileo 108E
06 Racks for Rack Oven Global Global Racks for Rack Oven
07 Trays Global Global Trays
08 Packaging Machine Spafil DBF-1100 H
09 Gas Cooker With Stirrer PVM GC 150 L
10 Working Tables, Trays and Related Equipment Global Knife Stainless Steel (6 units)
Chopping Board (6 units)
Working Table (4 units)
Trolleys (4 units)
Rack Trays (2 units)