Asia Food at a Glance

ASIA FOOD VALIDATION CENTRE – Leading Halal Food Technology Centre in Asia

Kuala Lumpur – It is estimated that Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) contribute to almost 99.2% of business establishments in Malaysia and the food processing sector accounts for the largest sector among SMEs. With Malaysia emerging as one of the major players in the Halal industry globally, the growth opportunity for food manufacturers in Malaysia is immense. Realising the potential, MARA developed the ‘Inkubator Teknologi Makanan MARA’ or INTEM, now known as the Asia Food Validation Centre or ASIA FOOD - under the purview of UniKL Malaysian Institute of Chemical & Bioengineering Technology (UniKL MICET). 
Located at Taman Perindustrian Kepong, Selangor, ASIA FOOD is a manufacturing, processing and validation centre developed by MARA to provide food entrepreneurs with comprehensive training, support and consultation services in food technology and manufacturing. With state-of-the-art facilities and expert trainers from UniKL who are experienced and certified in their field, ASIA FOOD is able to provide: 
  • Halal & technical consultation  
  • Food chemical & bioanalysis services 
  • Food processing & manufacturing facilities 
  • Packaging testing and analysis services 
  • Training on technical and food technology 
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) consultation 

With ASIA FOOD existing collaboration with Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrient, University of Maryland and in the pipeline to expand the collaboration and partnership with relevant parties between ASIA FOOD and Ministry of Health’s Department of Food Safety and Quality, Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), Department of Chemistry, ASIA FOOD is progressively towards being recognised as an Accredited Certification Body (ACB) by the Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) and Certification Body (CB) by the Ministry of Health. By strengthening this partnership also, ASIA FOOD are able to provide guidance on business registration and licensing application. This will pave way for ASIA FOOD to become a ONE STOP CENTRE and world-class Halal Validation Centre, as well as a centre to develop competent human capital who are knowledgeable in Halal food technology and manufacturing.

Besides training and consultation, ASIA FOOD also actively produces its own brand of high-quality food products for commercialisation. The products are results of UniKL R&D initiatives where researchers and academicians in the related field actively produce innovative food products which have huge commercial value. These products are then mass produced and commercialised as a source of income for ASIA FOOD and UniKL.

In addition, ASIA FOOD acts as a teaching factory for UniKL lecturers and students where they are exposed to the actual food production methods and industrial practices. This Production Based Education (PBE) leads to UniKL students obtaining a holistic education as they are able to see for themselves and apply the theoretical knowledge taught in classrooms in actual industrial settings. They have also kept abreast with the latest technology and advancement in factory production. Through this, ASIA FOOD also supports UniKL’s Industrialmanship programme where students are required to attend industrial training beginning as early as semester one, giving them exposure to a real working environment early on. This provides them with the hands-on knowledge and experience and this will eventually increase their employability prospects upon graduation.

Through an A to Z, all-inclusive training and consultation services, ASIA FOOD hopes to ensure the sustainability of start-up businesses in food processing and manufacturing as well as introducing new technology and innovation into existing food enterprises. Besides advice and assistance to improve manufacturing process flow and business productivity, ASIA FOOD also makes sure products which are produced abides by the international food safety and quality standards and this increases the product’s marketability and competitiveness in the global Halal market.

The Halal food market is estimated to be worth around USD580 Billion per year worldwide and it is steadily growing. However, according to the Halal Market Economy Specialist – for everyone Halal Food Product on the supermarket shelves, in comparison there are 86 Kosher products (food prepared according to the requirements of Jewish law) in the United States. The supply for the Halal Food market worldwide is not able to meet its demand currently. The government through MARA hopes to plug this hole and produce more entrepreneurs in food technology field who can become global players, and ASIA FOOD hopes to be the catalyst towards this. 

ASIA FOOD building consists of two parts

  • Admin Building
  1. GF = training hall
  2. 1st Floor = 2 training rooms, library
  3. 2nd Floor = Chemistry lab
  4. 3rd Floor = Micro Lab
  5. 4th flour – Administration
  • Mini Factories
  • Retort Pouch
  • Freeze Dry
  • Sparkling Fruit Juice
  • Fruit Puree
  • Spray Drying (Teaching Factory)
  • Biscuit and Dough
  • Frozen Pastry
  • Frozen Paratha and Popia Skin
  • Chilled Culinary Paste
  • Laboratory
  • Analysis Laboratory
  • Packaging Laboratory